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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Working Mom

Mid September I went back to work after a little over 2 yrs off to have my babies.  I'm working half time right now which is PERFECT.  I'm incredibly blessed to not NEED to work full time to make ends meet.
Nevertheless, the adjustment has been considerable!
This evening was just such a perfect example of what life is now like for this working mom.
After putting kids to bed I pulled out all my schoolwork only to realize I had forgotten to make my son's coconut milk for the next day so I decided to treat myself to an episode of my new favourite show while cooking.  30 mins later I was done the milk & had 10 mins of my show left so I actually sat down to enjoy a cup of tea.  Aaaah.
Finally got to work and did a significant amount for the next hour.  Cue the baby waking up screaming, for the next hour.  Sigh.
Got him settled finally, cue his sister waking up with a horrible non-stop cough.  Perfect time to realize I ran out of cough syrup yesterday and forgot to pick some up after school.
So, leave the kids with Grandma & run to the drugstore at 9pm.  Get home, administer cough syrup to BOTH kids who are now BOTH hacking away.  Get them resettled.
It's now 9:30 and I'm exhausted I keep working & risk my IPPs being incoherent rambling or hope and pray I actually have 2 or 3 hours of peace at SOME point tomorrow to get my work done?
The phrase "work and home life balance" now makes me laugh.

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